Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 yamaha sz r Launched

Nearly 2011 yamaha sz relieved in automobile market.Here We supply the latest and HQ wallapers and stills of 2011 yamaha sz.Now the company revealed their vehicle with some efficient features and technologies.You can get high quality-high resolution images and photos of 2011 yamaha sz that we have included here.From every angle 2011 yamaha sz is a amazing vehicle.Complete design and alignment of the new 2011 yamaha sz is done by an excellent way.

The SZ-R variant has a different kind of tank extension than that of the SZ-X. Also the turn indicators on the SZ-R is transparent compared to the amber colored ones found on the SZ-X and SZ. A tachometer also finds its place on the SZ-R variant. Also the kick lever has been removed from the SZ-X and SZ-R variants.

The SZ-R is by all means a good looking bike and won't look out of place when placed alongside the comparitively costlier current crop of 150 cc bikes. But one has to point out that features like a hi-beam/pass flasher and a trip meter has been omitted from the Yamaha SZ-R.

Adding to SZ and SZ-X charisma are the sophisticated meter panel, shroud with dynamic image, modern look dual tail lights, full plastic chain case (gives protection from dust & water), robust side cover and 5-spoke cast wheel.

The new YBR 125 motorcycle, on the other hand, has chiseled looks and enthralls the commuter with a comfortable riding experience.The motorcycle is targeted towards executive segment customers who want a commuter bike that has a universally accepted design, gives a feeling of solidity & robustness and satisfactory mileage at an affordable price.

The bike is equipped with 123cc engine and 4-Speed gear box. YBR 125 will be available in three colors - Red, Black and Black-Red colors. Booking of the bikes will start immediately.With the Yamaha signature all over, the trio SZ, SZ-X and YBR 125 are extremely well engineered, comfortable, stylish and promise to be the best bikes in respective segments.

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